Friday, October 21, 2016

Cafe Wellstone, The Twin Political Campaign Buildings, And The Trump Pub

With just a short time before the US Presidential Election, Bixyl Shuftan does a look at four political-themed locations not mentioned before this season. One was a location from previous elections that had moved and only now was the Newser made aware of where it is now: Cafe Wellstone. Besides that, there were also two political buildings standing side by side appearing to each represent one of the candidates. And there was also a pub for Trump supporters.

Read more in Extra.

Announcement: "Scare Me Silly" by Team Diabetes

It's time to get scared silly at the Scare Me Silly event, which supports Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team of the American Diabetes Association! This event will feature shopping, a pumpkin hunt, live performances, tribute bands, tricks and treats!

For more information, visit

Water Haven (146/138/22)

Press Release: Sign Up For The 2016 Making Strides Walk


It’s time to break out those walking shoes and join us as we Make Strides during the 2016 Strides Walk!
This year, the walk will be 10 am – 6 pm slt Saturday, October 29

Please register here:

Everyone is welcome!  One lap or as many as you can, Sign up! Help us take Strides Against Breast Cancer in SL!

We would like the walkers to reach out to their friends in SL and if you like real life to get sponsors for your walk.   The sponsors would agree that for every lap you walk they will pay a certain amount  to you as a donation. An example of how to request sponsorships will be given to each registered walker.

The more sponsors you have the more you can raise for MSABC!! Special awards will be given to top fundraisers.

After the walk we will send you a notecard with all your sponsors and how much they sponsored you for and what they owe.  You can set up a kiosk at your home and tp each to pay or you can go to them and rezz a kiosk for them to pay.   For your personal protection we ask that you post besides each of their names their payment to the kiosk from your transaction history.   Once you have collected all your funds we ask you return a copy of your card to Leala Spire or Sandie Loxingly by Nov. 4th.

Awards will then be given out at Wrap up on Nov. 5th.

If you have any questions, please contact Leala or Sandie.

About Making Strides Against Breast Cancer:
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer or MSABC is the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation, uniting more than 300 communities to finish the fight. Every breast cancer walk and event is an incredible and inspiring opportunity to honor those who have battled breast cancer, raise awareness about what we can do to reduce our breast cancer risk, and race money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease with research, information, services, and access to mammograms for women who need them.

About The American Cancer Society:
For more than 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked relentlessly to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Together with millions of our supporters worldwide, we help people stay well, help people get well, find cures, and fight back against cancer.

For more information please visit the sites below:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Fade It To Black," Insilico Announces It's Sims Will Soon Close

For the second time this year, the Insilico cyberpunk region and roleplay community is facing the end. But this time, there may be no reprieve.

Insilico is not new, but has been around for over eight years. Last year, Second Life Newser did a review of the roleplay and area. But in March of this year, it's controversial owner Skills Hak was banned by Second Life by Linden Lab, and the sims offlined. Thanks to negotiations behind the scenes, the sims were transferred to administrator Abeus Madruga and had a new lease on virtual life.

Unfortunately, the damage was done, and the area which had been able to cover it's costs before began bleeding red ink, Abeus stating in the announcement, "a combination of losses that have slowly eroded away: Malls are drying up, Skills’ MP sales disappearing, fewer long term residential rentals, etc." While people in the roleplay were able to cover the deficits out of their pockets for a while, this month it was finally too great.

So, we had to make a decision. Either make a drastic reduction to just two sims (a full region and a homestead), or close InSilico as a whole while we are still in a position to do so on our own terms. After a lot of discussion and soul searching with the current staff and some players (and a lot of antacids), we’ve opted for the latter…to go out whole. 

This is a very hard choice for us, and not one that we’ve come to lightly. Even though it might be possible to survive as just two sims, the technical aspects of that were daunting. ... we just weren’t entirely confident ourselves that we could make it work in such a short amount of time. We also didn’t want to have to keep turning to the community for donations to keep us afloat during that process…but certainly the one thing we didn’t want was to go through all of this, and then find ourselves back in this same position 2, 3, 4 months down the line. We don't want to wither away, slowly or not.

Perhaps it’s just a sign of the times, the state of things in general, or our age and reputation that have brought us to this point. Maybe we should have dropped a couple regions from the start…Either, any, or…it doesn’t really matter now. We have chosen to come to a close with InSilico as it is now, intact and committed to our memories in the same way. It’s a sacrifice, but not one of compromise.

As I said in my previous (albeit premature) Goodbye/Love letter to InSilico during the lockout…We’ve had some good times, even some great times. 9 years’ worth of stories that will continue to transcend the sims on which they were told…I couldn’t ask for anything more than that as a legacy.

We still have the sims until the end of their respective tiers. Central and South will be dropped on the 28th/1st, but East and South East will remain until November 17th …after which they too will go their separate ways. The Ning will hang on for a while longer after that, but for how long I cannot say as we don’t have access to the creator account. In the meantime, continue RPing and taking in the sites. Enjoy it while you can. Take pictures, tell war stories, have a party. ICly the city isn’t going anywhere, even if the sims are. We aren’t blowing it up or tanking it…we’re just going to fade to black so it can continue to exist in your imaginations and stories.

There were a number of comments following the post, among them, "it was always nice knowing Insilco kept on. It’s been real, but even the best parties end…or get broken up by the police…or burn down when Mike accidentally sets the curtains on fire." "I dare say it was never perfect, and it had its bitter moments; but my time here won't ever be forgotten. I have memories here that I am truly truly fond of and are the prime reason cyberpunk has blossomed to become my favourite genre. For my first and most cherished experience with role-play and story-telling, for helping me discover cyberpunk, and for the friendship when perhaps I needed it the most, ..."  "The city will always represent something beautiful, like a distant memory that is not easy to part with. I've met a lot of amazing people here, as Cora stated as before me, and we built a very nice community that kept going for a while. It was my first SL RP and it helped me see a great many things. My experience here is unforgettable, unique in a way, every angle I was involved with was truly an inspiration, it helped me go deeper into my own development and I know it helped others to do the same. I'll miss it, for that memory it is, for that one time years ago that made me smile... And even to this day, continues to do so. ... Thank you for the memories."

And so, another noted region and the home of a equally noted roleplay, is facing the end.

Hat Tip: Hamlet Au 

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: "Monster Mash" at Creations For Parkinsons

Ravinia Festival Park in Creation for Parkinson's will be hosting an event, their "Monster Mash." Taking place from 6 to 8PM, the first hour will have music by DJ Laz. The second hour will have a live music performance from "The Pink Vampire."

Creations Park (35, 151, 28)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Scenes from Burn2

Gemma Cleanslate has been going over the grounds of the Burn2 art and music festival. This year's theme is "DaVinci's Workshop," and a number of the builds there reflect the theme from the huge bust of the historic figure to some of his designs brought to virtual life. She looked around, taking a number of pictures.

See the pictures in Events.

Cartoon of the Day

From Burn 2

By Bixyl Shuftan

SL Poetry: "Incoming Light" And "Real Life Is Calling Me"

A few of the Second Life Newser staff have decided to take their try at poetry. Becky Shamen was first, and editor Bixyl Shuftan decided to add his own little ditty along with hers.

Read the poems in Extra.

Luskwood's Thirteenth Anniversary Event on October 22

One of Second Life's oldest communities will soon be celebrating it's anniversary: number thirteen. Scheduled for Saturday October 22, the event will be combined along with the fifth anniversary celebrations of it's sister community Trotsdale. As it's near the end of October, the event will take on something of a Halloween theme. So far, Keeba Tammas and the "Tiny Maniacs" and Shannon O'herlihy have signed up to be among the performers.

Stay tuned for more information on the Luskwood blog.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's a new week of events at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

Happy Vixen: Fantasy, Aliens, Best in Red, Zombies and Hunters, Swimsuits

Club Cutlass: Best in I and J, Get Silly, Beach Party

The Gathering Oak: TBA

Furry Fashion: Rise of the Machines, Metal, Heroes and Villains, Pokemon, Cartoons, Rocky Horror, Aviation, Wasteland

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Updated 11PM

"AX" Avatar Skybox Gone

One brand of furry avatar that was popular in the past was AnthroXtacy, often called "AX" for short. Designed and made by a team led by Tinintri Mistral, the line of avatars gained a large following, and AX had a two-sim area with their own shopping mall and a club, where DJs such as Grease Coakes performed. But in October 2013, the team shut down and the store and club closed, much to the sadness of fans. In their final days, the store had a couple packages with numerous avatars that one could pick up for free.

As it turned out, the two packages would be placed in one more location. High above the Northstar Polaris sim was a skybox where there were several AX avatar vendors that offered "fatpacks" or several colors of an avatar, for the old price of a single one. But there were also the two packages of free avatars. Among them were the AnthroXtacy Fox and the Shark.

Sadly, this location is no longer available. When yours truly tried going to the skybox yesterday, I found myself at a certain location in the ground. No matter where I would try teleporting to the sim at, I would always end up at the spot. Flying to the location, the skybox was gone.

As a precaution, I checked the mall at the Northstar sim, or rather what was left of it. In the past, the Northstar Mall was a huge two-story store that had a number of avatars and accessories, that stretched across two sims. But in more recent times, less than a third of the store remains, the part in the Northstar sim. The packages were not in their either.

While it's possible there may be another place where the AX free avatar packages are, if so the Newser does not know about it. As for AX Avatars, some remain for sale on Second Life Marketplace. This appears to be all that's left of the AnthroXtacy line.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, October 17, 2016

Science Friday

Becky Shamen's journeys across Second Life recently took her to the Sci-Lands, and the meeting place every for a group of listeners for the weekly radio show "Science Friday." Science Friday has a history in Second Life, some years ago the host having an avatar here and taking questions from the inworld audience. Sadly this came to an end, but fans of the show continue to meet up every Friday to listen and discuss the topics.

Read Becky's story in Extra.

"Fire and Light Circus" at Creations For Parkinsons

On Saturday October 15 at 11AM, Creations for Parkinsons hosted a live performance by the "Changhigh Sisters' Fireshow - Life, Light & Love" The event boasted, "Fire & LIGHT CIRCUS "..combining spectacular lighting effect, with acrobatic rotating trapezes, high wire, rolling dance balls, walking elephant, fire juggling, fire works and fabulous music."

The three ladies, Melvin Starbrook, Jennylynn Capalini, and Yman Juran, performed various acts on stage, often involving aerobatics and always lots of lights and sometimes fireworks. The show went on for an hour.

The event, which took place in a platform high above the Frantastica sim, collected donations for Team Fox, a Parkinson's charity.

Creations for Parkinsons has several events a week, often more than one some days.

Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "Celebration of the Life of Ladyslipper Constantine"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

By Saffia Widdershins on October 14, "A Celebration of the Life of Ladyslipper Constantine, held on Virtual Ability Island, Saturday 1st October, 2016."

A transcript of the event is also available (here).

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cartoon of the Day

From Halloween Town

By Bixyl Shuftan

Burn2 Begins

 Burn2, the largest yearly art and music festival, got started at 10AM yesterday. The weeklong event has dozens of artistic exhibits and DJ events across four sims. The mega-event, one of the biggest yearly events in Second Life, has been taking place on the grid from it's first year, originally called Burning Life. The event had some help from the Lindens for several years, who provided them the sims for free until around 2010 following Linden Lab's restructuring and cutbacks, after which the event became known as Burn2.

Burn2 describes itself as "an extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of Second Life. It is an officially sanctioned Burning Man Regional, the only virtual world Regional out of more than 100 Regional groups worldwide, and is the only Regional to burn the Man! This unique virtual Regional spreads the culture and Ten Principles of Burning Man year-round in Second Life, culminating in an annual major festival of community, art and fire in the fall - a virtual echo of Burning Man itself."

One can drop in on the event by arriving at Burning Man-Deep Hole (224/92/25). To see the schedule of events, check the calendar here:  

The event will go on until Sunday October 23, with the builds remaining for a few days afterwards.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Press Day At Burn2

Today at 10AM SL time, Burn2, the largest yearly art and music festival begins. Yesterday at Press Day, Gemma Cleanslate had an early peek at the grounds, seeing a number of sights and exhibits. She also had a few words with some of the Burners, including a few personalities familiar with longtime readers of the Newser.

Read Gemma's article in Events.

SL Video: "Girls, Girls, Girls"

(Click here to see the video)

From Nydia Tungsten on October 11, "This time we are using Motly Crue's "Girls,Girls, Girls" I would like to thank The Angel Productions Dancers Perri, Mato, and of course Brandi, we had a lot of fun shooting this at "The Happy Vixen", Remember we don't do this for money, just up votes, so let us know how we're doing. Have an idea for a song we should do? let us know in the comments we love to hear from you!"

RFL in InWorldz

Ceremony, Entertainment and Lap Costume theme Schedule
For Relay on Saturday, Oct 15th - 8am - 8pm IWT
**Environment early evening**
7:00  Warm Up Party DJ Martin Glom
8:00  Opening Ceremonies
8:30 -10am  Survivors and Caregivers laps DJ  Ashley 
Martin Theme  workout gear
10:00 DJ  GRIFFIN   
11:00 DJ Cheryl  
Foxx Theme Leather 
**Environment Mid Night**
12:00  Luminaria Ceremony - Sage and Rycon Bamaisin 
Theme Formal
1:00  DJ Kira Wildfire 
Theme Feel Good Blues - Wear your fav blues clothes!
2:00  DJ Martin with OldeSoul  
Theme Purpleicious
3:00  DJ  Fantasia Rhodes  
Theme  Country - Fav Country Wear
4:00  DJ  Arathorn Dragomir
**Environment Morning**
5:00  Fight Back Ceremony DJ Cataplexia
Theme Hero
6:00  DJ Bain   
Theme Colors of the Rainbow
7:00  DJ Cataplexia    
Theme Calling All Lightbringers (wear Whites)
7:45  Closing Ceremony
8:00  Final Lap DJ Cataplexia